Beyond the Wall


This summer, we had planned to bring Aida Celtic to London and Glasgow on a cultural and sports tour. As part of our fundraising, we launched a Gofundme page to take sponsorship for one of our supporters who was due to travel to Bethlehem to take part in the Palestine ‘Freedom of Movement’ Marathon on 27th March, which was inevitably cancelled. £1,380 was raised online and £640 through cash donations to surpass the £2,000 target – all of which was to go towards visa fees, flights, accommodation and living costs of the team’s trip.
Due to the covid-19 crisis, unfortunately the planned Aida Celtic trip has been cancelled. Understandably, there are more critical and urgent areas of attention within Aida Refugee Camp right now, therefore this money will instead go to the Lajee Center in its efforts to provide aid, relief and basic services for the Camp at this challenging time.
Although yet to spike in Palestine, the virus outbreak could be devastating given the living conditions and substandard healthcare infrastructure. Currently, most are suffering further due to having no income and with aid agencies struggling to provide due to restrictions. This in addition to the existing perils of occupation.
As part of the fundraising for the Aida Celtic trip, we planned to release a commemorative t-shirt to mark the occasion. Although the trip is now cancelled, we have the t-shirts in stock and have decided to sell them at a discount price in order to try support the Lajee Center further in these difficult times. We appreciate that times are tough for all right now however hope that the discounted price and unique keepsake may entice some into supporting a very worthy cause.

Should you wish to buy a t-shirt, they can be purchased online at where the Aida Celtic football shirt is also still available. All money taken for the foreseeable future will go to the Lajee Center’s aid and relief efforts and not football activity.

We have supplemented the marathon sponsorships with a further £1,000 meaning £3,000 in total has been sent to the Lajee Center and hope that with your support we can keep sending vital funds.
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